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Q: Does Beets have macros on items?
A: Yes! Recently added to our website under Nutrition

Q: How does the loyalty program work?
A: Customers can sign up in store to start collecting points! $1 spent = 1 point! We offer free items with these points. They can be claimed in store or online ordering. 

Q: Are there gluten free options?
A: We have a certified gluten free granola option! Smoothies and juice are gluten free naturally.  

Q: Do products have nuts?
A: Our most popular items do contain nuts. Please be cautious when ordering with allergies as we can do our best to keep it allergy safe. 

Q: What does Beets do to be Eco friendly?
A: We use plant based products including straws, spoons, and forks made from corn. We use post-recycled cups and bowls and we visit the local recycling center weekly to recycle plastics. Vegetable pulp is always free and available for customer to compost! Email us to set up a time

Q: Does Beets deliver?
A: YES! We currently offer delivery! Visit our online order ahead and select delivery. We are only available on our platform. 

Q: Are your products Organic?
A: We do have organic items in the store, but not everything is organic! We try our best to pick organic fruits when possible since our stores get fresh deliveries daily. 

Q: Is Beets kosher?
A: No, but we offer a list of ingredients that are labeled as kosher. 

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